Windows Logo Kit (WLK)

Microsoft announce the RTM of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.4. This release of the WLK adds support for obtaining logos for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, in addition to supporting earlier operating systems. We encourage all Microsoft partners to use WLK 1.4 to start running these tests against your devices and systems in order to qualify for these logos. 


The Windows Logo Kit (WLK) is used to run the tests necessary to certify your devices for Windows. The WLK contains Microsoft’s test automation system for device testing, the Driver Test Manager (DTM), as well as the tests required to certify your devices and the documentation you will need to setup the DTM and execute the tests. The first release of the DTM and the tests was in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows Vista. The DTM, tests and documentation are now being made available as a separate product, the WLK.

WLK content downloads can be found under the Downloads section in the left navigation pane. In the Download section will also be Release notes and other information that should be read. Downloads are updated on an ad hoc basis so please check back often and look for email from the beta mailer in your in box.

The WLK is an .iso DVD download, so please be sure to have DVD burning software installed.  All other downloads are for CD burning unless otherwise noted. 



Some of the highlights of WLK 1.4 are:

·         Improved Kit Quality.  The WLK team has fixed a lot of issues filed by our Partners and by our test teams.  We have received a large number of issues filed by our partners, a majority of which have been resolved or fixed.


·         Improved participation by Partners.  We have responded to the request by partners for pre-RTM releases of the kit by releasing 2 versions to Partners.  The response has been overwhelming and we are encouraged by the enthusiasm from these partners.

·         There are 21 new logo programs added to the kit since WLK 1.2.

·         There are 1,425 jobs in the kit compared with 1, 648 jobs in WLK 1.3 and 1,376 jobs in WLK 1.2.  For WLK 1.4, there were 152 new jobs added to the kit and 375 jobs removed since WLK 1.3.  However, since WLK 1.2, there is a net of 49 jobs that have been added to the kit.

·         Improved documentation.  The new DTM Help Documentation has been revamped with new jobs fully documented and corrected all references to the appropriate logoable OS and architecture for said jobs.

WLK can be downloaded from Here

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