Whats New in Android 2.0 ?

Eclair(Android)  features include:

  • The most important new feature in Android 2.0 is support for multi-touch devices. Up to 3 fingers can be tracked on the screen at a time. Among other things, this allows for faster typing on the virtual keyboard and multi-touch gestures for zooming and scrolling.
  • Android 2.0 has a single, secure interface for managing multiple online accounts. You can enter your credentials once (for example your email address and password) so that applications don’t have to prompt you for those individually.
  • The email and contact apps support multiple accounts, including Microsoft Exchange Server. (Note: Exchange support is optional and some carriers might not offer it, but the Motorola Droid will have it).
  • Support for soft keys. Some new Android devices will not have hardware buttons for HOME, MENU, BACK, and so forth. Instead, they’ll either have touch-sensitive areas on the front of the device, or dedicated widgets or soft key areas on the main display.
  • An updated browser with a refreshed user interface, web page thumbnails, and better support for HTML5 (including the <video> tag).
  • An enhanced camera app with features like digital zoom, flash, color effects, and more.
  • Searchable SMS and MMS messages.

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