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Personal Identity Portal(pip) from VeriSign

Safely sign in to your favorite Web sites with One-Click Safely sign in to your online accounts from any computer without ever having to remember your username or password. Supported Web sites include Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many major retailers. This feature is secure, convenient, and easy to use. Customize your Personal Identity Page Customize […]

Tamil Google

News from G: The global nature of our mission is reflected in the phrases the “world’s information” and “universally accessible.” To this end, you may have recently read about our 40-language initiative and the story of a community coming together to develop Google search in the Maori language. Following on this theme, we’d like to highlight a few new products that enable […]

Google Voice

 (GOOG: News), Thursday announced that it will release the preview of Google Voice, an application intended to provide better management services for mobile phones. The new application will be available for existing users of GrandCentral, a service Google acquired in July, 2007. Mountain View, California-based Google said in its official blog that the new application would […]