WordPress Blog Post to Facebook

WordBook Plugin allows you to take ur wordpress blog posts to write on ur Facebook wall… This Plugin allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. Your Facebook “Boxes” tab will show your most recent blog posts. Requirements: A Facebook profile :). Privileges to install WordPress plugins on your blog. In particular, this […]

Personal Identity Portal(pip) from VeriSign

Safely sign in to your favorite Web sites with One-Click Safely sign in to your online accounts from any computer without ever having to remember your username or password. Supported Web sites include Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many major retailers. This feature is secure, convenient, and easy to use. Customize your Personal Identity Page Customize […]

Detect Visitors From Twitter in WordPress blog

If you have significant visitor base from Twitter then will it not be a great idea to detect Twitter visitors and offer them a warm welcome, remind them that their re-tweets are appreciated. You might also want them to point towards some specific blog posts or some freebies that they might interested in. For that […]

Free hosting / sharing sites

Here’s a list  of sites that would be good to host your DJ sets and tracks: * FileUpYours - www.fileupyours.com (Unlimited) * SendThisFile - www.sendthisfile.com/info.jsp (2GB) * FileFront - http://freespace.filefront.com/1 (1GB) * FileFactory - www.filefactory.com (500 Mb) * Free-Webster - www.free-webster.com/index.php?action=enter (600MB) * SpreadIt - www.spread-it.com (500MB) * BigUpload - www.bigupload.com (300MB) * UpDownloadServer - www.updownloadserver.com/(250MB)