Super Tools For Faster Windows File Copy / Move Process

Looking for a faster way to copy or move your files between folders and partitions in Windows? If you think that the default Windows file copy tool is too slow for such a simple task, try one of these 7 cool alternatives to speed up your Windows file copy / move process. In my test, FastCopy is the fastest, followed by BurstCopy and TeraCopy.


1- FastCopy

FastCopy claims to be the fastest copy/delete software on Windows.


2- TeraCopy

TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user a lot of features like transfer pause and resume, error recovery, shell integration, interactive file list and more.


3- CopyHandler

A small tool designed for copy/move files and folders between different storage medias. Claims to perform 6-7 times faster than the standard Windows operation.


4- SuperCopier

SuperCopier makes the Windows file copy dialog box a little bit snazzier. It adds more functions like pausing, skipping a file, copy lists, and file transfer speed throttling.


5- Total Copy

Copies file slightly faster than Windows (approximately 10% locally). Installs itself as an additional option to the Windows file copy function.

Payware with Free 30 Day Trial

6- BurstCopy

This utility that can speed up transfers on your hard-drive by up to 200%; so it claims. Simple yet intuitive interface.


7- CopyFaster

This software bypasses Windows 2000’s file cache to speed up its file transfer process. Works with Windows 2000 only.


If you know more tools and tips to speed up the Windows file copy process, share your thoughts by leaving a comment or two below. Let us shall make our Windows works much faster than ever!


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