Sony Ericsson Certification

Are you addicted to success? Does your name spell creativity? If your answer is ”yes”, then Sony Ericsson Developer World India gives you the opportunity to steal the show.

Sony Ericsson Developer World India offers you a chance to be recognized by submitting mobile content and ideas . Exclusive to mobile developers in India, the  top six winners qualify to become a ’Sony Ericsson Certified Developer’.

Submitting content also means you become a ’Registered Community’ member of global Sony Ericsson Developer World – enjoying the benefits of free technical support by joining our discussion forums and Wiki Community.

The entries for this program’s first round are open for 65 days, with final submissions by January 31st, 2009.

Mobile and console game developers

Productive mobility application developers

Music related application developers

Imaging related application developers

Content providers and publishers

Graphic designers

Academics & Researchers  Register and Submit ur Package — Get certification from Sony Ericsson

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