Personal Identity Portal(pip) from VeriSign

Safely sign in to your favorite Web sites with One-Click

Safely sign in to your online accounts from any computer without ever having to remember your username or password. Supported Web sites include Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many major retailers. This feature is secure, convenient, and easy to use.

Customize your Personal Identity Page

Customize your Personal Identity Page to share your online profile and provide information about yourself, share a video, or provide links to your other profile pages at Web sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and MySpace. You can also include live feeds from sites such as Twitter.

Reinforce your PIP account’s security and privacy

Add extra layers of identity protection to your Personal Identity Portal account. The VeriSign browser certificate (free), VIP for Mobile (free), or the VIP credential (low cost) provide additional security and further protect your online identity and privacy.

Store your electronic files in the online File Vault (included for VIP credential users)

Protect your important files and records by safely storing them in the online File Vault. You can store any type of electronic file online and access your files from any computer.

Access sites that have OpenID

When you create a PIP account, you will receive a personal identifier in the form of a URL that you can use to sign in or register at any site that supports OpenID. Additionally, this URL is the location of your personalized Web page where you can display personal information and links to your other account profiles.

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