Open Multiple Google Search Results on the Same Window or Page

One of the most annoying things when it comes to opening multiple search results on Google is that you have to open multiple windows or tabs in order to have the main Google search available. In fact, after a Google Search, if you click on a search result you will loose your previous search as it will be replaced by the website or blog you decided to open. This is very annoying, above all if you need to open a lot of websites or links to spot what you are looking for. Let’s see how to solve this issue.

Untabbed is a Search Engine (Powered by Google) which does something unique. It lets you open multiple websites and blogs on the same window or tab where your Google Search is located! In fact, if you preform a Google Search on Untabbed and click on a result, the main Google page won’t be substituted by the website you decided to explore. Untabbed will open a new window inside the window where your Google Search is located! Other features include:

  • Open mini windows without flipping between tabs.
  • Resize or maximize the mini windows.
  • Open unlimited windows.
  • No Google ads on your Google Searches!
  • Clear and simple design.

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