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What is O3D?

O3D is an open-source web API for creating rich, interactive 3D applications in the browser. This API is shared at an early stage as part of a conversation with the broader developer community about establishing an open web standard for 3D graphics.

O3D is an open-source JavaScript API for creating interactive 3D graphics applications that run in a browser window—games, ads, 3D model viewers, product demos, virtual worlds. O3D extends the client-side software of a web application by providing features at the following levels:

  • System: O3D provides a browser plug-in that adds graphics capabilities inside standard web browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux (TBP) platforms.
  • Content: Content for today’s web is in the form of HTML, image files, and video files. The Developer’s Guide provides information on how to create a fileconverter and loader for any 3D content. O3D provides a sample COLLADA Converter, which can be used to import files in the COLLADA format, an open standard for 3D assets that is supported by popular content creation applications such as SketchUp, 3ds Max, and Maya. Use this sample converter directly, or write your own converter and loader for other formats.

Samples are here

  • Code: O3D extends application JavaScript code with an API for 3D graphics. It uses standard JavaScript event processing and callback methods.

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