Install Leopard in PC-Just one step :)

Here is a complete guide to install Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.1 (9B18) on your PC, in just one step that is as easy as it could possibly get. Just pop in the DVD and you are good to go, running Leopard in no time, with all the 300+ features at your fingertips.


This is a one step process that almost anybody in this world would be able to follow.

Here are the basic requirements for you to proceed with the installation of Leopard  :

  • A Blank DVD-R to burn the ISO.
  • The ISO image to be downloaded from Mininova.

Before I tell you, how to install OSX I would like to tell you why this release by Uphuck and Eskurza is an important milestone in the OSX86 Project.

  • This is the first ever Leopard DVD to come out with the amazing PC-EFI built in. If you are wondering what PC-EFI is all about, then let me tell you something about it :

With the EFI patch, the hackintosh can boot off VANILLA UNMODIFIED OS X kernel and use  vanilla kexts, which gives a more clean room and great peace of mind for future system updates.

To Know more about PC-EFI visit the OSX86 Wiki

  • iATKOS (as this release is called) supports a variety of Hardware configurations, and many popular Graphic Cards, Network Cards are supported.

Now lets proceed with the installation of Leopard. Before that here are few conditions your CPU must satisfy to use this installation method..

  • Non Core Intel Processors, no PC-EFI for you.
  • Core Based Processors, for PC-EFI to work.
  • AMD processors are not supported at this time.

Ok now, lets proceed with the installation :

Step 1: Installing Leopard

  • Download the Installation ISO from Mininova. You can find it by performing a search for iATKOS v1.0i (Its about 2.09 GB).
  • Once you are done, with downloading burn the ISO at very slow speeds to the DVD.
  • Pop in the DVD and boot into it from BIOS and follow the Onscreen Instructions.
  • Select the Appropriate Packages, based on your hardware and then proceed.
  • Installation might take about an hour or so, so grab yourself a cup of coffee  while you install Leopard.

Step 2: That is all my, my Friend

  • Didn’t I say it was a one step installation process. Yes it really was.. Congratulations you’ve done it.

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  1. Installs only on FAT, so i somehow installed it, worked for a couple of months and now i had problem i cannot boot that hard drive all of a sudden, and my DVD is also not booting, but my other DVDs are booting fine (VISTA and XP namely) what could be the problem, if i could Boot my MAC DVD i could repair it,

    Please suggest!!

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