Import Sim Contacts to Phone Contacts in Iphone

Days ago when the iphone firmware 2.2.1 was on test . People who run on 1.1.4 or preivious vesions used iSim to import contacts from Sim to Phone.Though GUI and automation is good in this app – steer away from it unless you have some bucks to spare! It ain’t free. SIMport is the way to go!!

Starting iPhone firmware 2.0, Apple solved the SIM import issue by neatly integrating into the iPhone officially! Look for the option under settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> import sim contacts.

Which will take down all the contacts from ur sim to iphone. Once if you use windows contacts or any contacts to synchronize with the itunes together with iphone will take up the contacts and store on ur PC.

Those you run ur phone on 1.1.4 or before . Update it with the latest firmware (how to upgrade) and start fixing bugs and issues u had before.


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