How to get Labor Certification from Department Of Labour

Here are the details:

I too got the letter format from one of the forums and here you go….you can change little bit

1) sent the letter to
2) got the acknowledgement in 2 days and was given link and tracking number to track the request
3) sent below email and attached a scanned copy of the official letter with signature (same content)
4) received the envelope from USPS and was asked to pay 40 cents. (USPS guy said if I was not at home they would have returned it back)
5) got the info in 16 business days
6) they also mentioned that they denied part of the request but no big deal…they had blocked employers tax number and some employer related sensitive data. we get all the info we need .

hope this helps

—————–letter format————————

Dear Officer,

This is to request a copy of my entire labor certification case file, as provided under the FOIA law. I especially require the job description, salary, prevailing wage, DOT,job code, job title, and/or job locations, as and if mentioned in the file. Please treat this as an official request.

I, ****, am the beneficiary of a labor certification (green card) filed by ****** For verification purpose, here are the details:

Case Number: xxxx(if you dont have one, refer below as how to get it)
Beneficiary Name:
Date of Birth:
Case Filing Date: (I do not have the exact date)
Certified Date:
Employer Name:

Please send me the copy of the entire case file. I agree to pay any charges associated with such a request. I also affirm under the penalty of perjury pursuant to the laws of the United States of America that the information provided in this letter is correct. Please feel free to reach me at **** for any further information.

Please let me know if you need additional information from me

your name, address, phone and email


Case Number can be obtained from here:

do a search based on your employer name ,start date, end date and then do a search. go through the results and find the one thats exact to your name, address, education,institutions,etc. you will be able to find your record.

Disclaimer : Please use it at your own risk. Author is not responsible for any.


Case in you get email back from DOL requesting for  Freedom of Information Act Acknowledgement and Authorization Request Letter. Please send them a pdf with the note as described. and you should be all good.

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