Hacking E63 to install unsigned applications

Loads of hunts and googles to hack my updated nokia 63 and finally i arrived in hacking it and signing my applications to install..

These are my specs

nokia E63-1(27)

Let me put up what need to drill down..

Files required :


SignTool2  or SignSiS or Signer or Sign_Symbian_Apps_2 (either of this may definiely fail and must one will work ) and thats how i arrived too πŸ™‚

Your Cert and Key for your phone.. (request it from http://www.s60certkey.com) , it will take 24 to 48 hrs to get your cert key

Procedure :

Sign HelloOX2.v2.01.Unsigned.fixed.sis using your cert and key file which you have obtained from s60certkey.com

Allow all applications to be installed into ur phone (Appln manager–>settings–software installation (all)–>online certifcate(off))

after you sing helloox2.v2.01 using ur cert and key install it on to ur phone …

run hellox2

when patchingup the rom.. if hangs up.. restart the phone and restart helloox2

it will install all the required applns for hacking and ll drill down to make ur phone ready.

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  1. I av nokia E63-1(27) with firmware version as: 400.21.013
    I av tried to pimp my for phone to suite my purpose of but all effort to no avail pls somebody help me out to hack the fone.Every apps i try to install have been sucessfull except the ones from nokia and the response after installation failed are: unable to install cos cert can not be found, constraint by authors cert etc
    I av tried to install helloox,freesigner,xstevedore etc but unable to install them due cert or authors constraint.
    Pls can somebody help to hack the fone am going Nuts already. This is my mail: fosityne@gmail.com

  2. better of getta cert and key file for your phone by providing ur imei and download the unsigned apps from net , sign it using ur own cert and key file and then install it

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