Google wave – Shortcut Keys



To go to the first message of the wave


To go to the last message in the wave

Up/Down Arrows


Navigate through messages (outside edit mode)


To go to the next page/previous page within the panel


To go the next unread-message in the wave

Ctrl + Space

Mark all messages unread (when focus on the wave panel)

Left/Right Arrows

Shift focus between inbox and compose window



Reply to the message at the same level of indentation.

A new message will appear just below the selected message.

Ctrl + R

Same as Enter

Shift + Enter

Reply to a message at the end of the thread.

The new message will appear at the same indentation level, at the very end of the thread.

If you press Shift + Enter again it’s equivalent to click Done button.

Ctrl + E

Edit the message

Ctrl + Enter

Insert inline reply (While Editing)

Text Editing & Formatting

Shift + Enter

To finish editing a wave. Same as clicking Done button

Ctrl + n

To make the current line is a Heading.

n is a numeric between 1 and 4

Ctrl + 5

Adds bullets

Ctrl + 6

Removes formatting

Ctrl + B

Bold / Un bold

Ctrl + I

Italics / Un italics

Ctrl + G

Select colour

Ctrl + K

Adds a link

Ctrl + L

Select the url from the browser address bar

Useful to link another wave.

(Example : Highlight a text, hit Ctrl+L, highlight a url or wave id)

Ctrl + C

Copy Text

Ctrl + X

Cut Text

Ctrl + V

Paste Text

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