Google Voice

 (GOOG: News), Thursday announced that it will release the preview of Google Voice, an application intended to provide better management services for mobile phones. The new application will be available for existing users of GrandCentral, a service Google acquired in July, 2007.

Mountain View, California-based Google said in its official blog that the new application would help customers access transcripts of voice mail and search all the sent and received SMS text messages. Voice mail transcripts allow users read voice mails from phones as well as from the web.

The new service would also help customers in making international calls at a low rate and easily access Goog-411 directory, a voice activated application that provides universal connectivity to any lines free of cost.

The company said GrandCentral service provides a single number to call to different locations, a central voicemail inbox that could be accessed on the web, facility to screen calls by listening voicemail on a real time basis. The single number facility allows users to call US numbers free of cost, answer calls from different mobile phones.

GOOG is currently trading at $318.86, up $0.95 or 0.30%, on a volume of 2.845 million shares on the Nasdaq.

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