Google Squares Digging Deeper

One of the next frontiers of search is taking all of the unstructured data spread helter-skelter across the Web and treat it like it is sitting in a nice, structured database. It is easier to get answers out of a database where everything is neatly labeled, stamped, and categorized. As the sheer volume of stuff on the Web keeps growing, keyword search keeps getting closer to its breaking point. Adding structure to the Web is one way to make sense of all that data, and Google is starting the tackle the problem with a Google Labs project called Google Squared

This spreadsheet experiment, called “Google Squared,” doesn’t simply show a set of Web links related to a search request. Instead, it fishes through Google’s massive database to organize pertinent facts and other content in rows and columns.

Google Squared is a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web for any topic you specify.

  • Facts about the topic are organized as a table of items and attributes called “Squares”.
  • Squares can be Customize  to see just the items and attributes we are interested in.The add rows and add columns search boxes can be used to see suggestions for other items and attributes that can be added to the square.  Specific attributes and items can also be added.
  • See the websites that served as sources for the information in your Square.
  • Save and share Squares with others.

Square it here :

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