Google+ Invitations Give Away


Register here and post ur emails .. ll invite you asap..

grab it before it goes away… sorry if its late

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  1. Already got my Google+, thanks! It said full at first, when i checked again just now, I’m in! =D Thanks again!

  2. Sorry bout the multiple posts….I would add a comment then check back later and it wasn’t posted

  3. the moment you go to tat link .. it ll ask you for a small form fill like age,sex,dob,fname and lname .. and once you re done , click the button below it.. you are thro.. if it says it is overloaded or cant add .. just keep trying.. it ll go in by 3 or 4th time try… do it asap

  4. @admin
    Oh well, I couldn’t get it to work. Thanks for all your help, it’s great you’ve helped everyone secure an invitation. Keep it up.

  5. @onuralp… i heard this prob from many people.. but if you keep trying it would definitely let you in… good luck

  6. folks,, this not doable now.. will keep in mind of ur id’s .. will send invites to you soon as soon as it available

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