Google Analytics For Ur WordPress Blog

Almost everyone uses Google Analytics to calculate overall site traffic as a way to measure the value of their website.

Many users are clamoring for a simpler way to share their Analytics traffic data with their external stakeholders. These stakeholders, such as investors and advertisers, typically use data reported by other services to evaluate the performance of a company. Many times these estimates are significantly different than that from Google Analytics.

One way to share your Analytics data with everyone is to use our recent integration with Google Ad Planner. With this, you can replace Ad Planner traffic estimates with actual data collected by Google Analytics.

Now you can use the Google Analytics Data Export API to create your own integrations to share Google Analytics data with everyone. For example, if you use WordPress blogging software, you can display Google Analytics traffic data directly on your website using the newAnalyticator plugin by Sprial Web Consulting.

Ronald Heft explains, “this plugin allows WordPress users to easily configure tracking and reporting of Google Analytics data without having to manually edit their WordPress template files. The plugin uses the new Google Analytics API to retrieve the unique visitor information and display it directly on your blog.”

Example of the Analyticator plugin display

To use the plugin, download it from the WordPress plugin Website or just search for, “analyticator“ in the “Add a New Plugin” section of the WordPress Administration page. According to Heft, Sprial plans to surface more Google Analytics API data, such as a summary dashboard of website statistics and a widget to display the most popular pages.
We’re looking forward to watching the evolution of this plugin and excited to see the applications developers are building with the Google Analytics Data Export API.

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