Gazelle – A new browser from Microsoft

It seems like Apple isn’t the only one here trying to make new friends in the web browsing community.

Microsoft  is planning to do the same by introducing a new web browser called Gazelle, which it claims to be as somewhat bigger and better than Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

The development of Gazelle is leaded by Microsoft Research and according to a research paper, it will boast of a lot of new features and will have the capability to operate as an operating system.

This will increase the performance and improve the security of the browser in such a way that it will be able intelligently identify traffic and react to anything malicious.

As for now, the browser is only open for discussion and no release is expected in any form.

This tells us that Microsoft may not be the best at IE, but at least they have something in oven for us that may soon turn out to be the best of all.

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