Free SIP to Skype



Free gateway for any SIP device to call Skype usersSIP to Skype

Gizmo5 is now providing a free SIP to Skype gateway called OpenSky which will allow anyone from any SIP device or SIP soft client to easily make calls to Skype users. 

As an example, you can now call user johnsmith on Skype just by Dial now to connect to Skype’s echo line. Skype has 400 million registered users, an entire new audience you can now call for free!


Call SIP to Skype for FREE
up to 5 minutes

Or get UNLIMITED calls to Skype with purchase ofOpenSky for $20

Calls 1-5 minutes are free. Unlimited number of longer calls can purchased for $20 per year and includes 1333 aliases you can setup at

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