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  free_promo_mp3_download_f1[1].jpg is offering nine Free Audio Book Short Stories in MP format. Just visit the website, add as many of the eligible audiobook MP3s as you like to your cart, then check out. You’ll receive download links in a confirmation email. Eligible titles include The Babysitter’s Code by Laura Lipman, Great Day by Kurt Vonnegut and Super Goat Man by Jonathan Lethem. (Look for the “Free Download” icon. Items in the cart will be listed as costing 1 cent, but are discounted to free during checkout.) Offer good through May 15.

The offer goes with these books Free Audiobook MP3 Downloads

Product Image. Title: The Babysitter's Code: From the Short Story Collection Hardly Knew Her, Author: by Laura  Lippman 

The Babysitter’s Codeby Laura Lippman
Product Image. Title: Super Goat Man: An Unabridged Story from Men and Cartoons, Author: by Jonathan  Lethem

Product Image. Title: Great Day: An Unabridged Story from Armageddon in Retrospect, Author: by Kurt  Vonnegut

Great Dayby Kurt Vonnegut


Product Image. Title: Fathers: An Unabridged Story from The View From Castle Rock, Author: by Alice  Munro

Fathersby Alice Munro

Product Image. Title: Truth or Dare: An Unabridged Story from The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted, Author: by Elizabeth  Berg

Truth or Dareby Elizabeth Berg

Product Image. Title: Ysrael: An Unabridged Story from Drown, Author: by Junot  Diaz 

Ysraelby Junot Diaz




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