Flickr Hacks

Flickr hacks have revolutionized the way we shared photos on web. Not just for sharing photos, there are Flickr hacks for notes and tags on your photos, posting it from any blog and more. What makes Flickr a favorite destination is that it is growing. Thanks to Flickr’s open API that allows developers from all corners to built amazing stuffs to make Flickr more interesting and enticing. Well, we would like enhance your photo sharing experience with top 5 Flickr hacks.

1. How to create a set

One of the most tedious things in Flickr is that when you wanna create a set you have to do it manually. This is no easy even with batch tools. Adding every new photo to a set every single time sucks. SmartSetr allows you to build sets that are organized around the concepts of tags, dates, and other metadata associated with a photo.

2. How to look for pictures based on specific colors

This is an interesting Colorpickr that searches for specific photos based on the hue you provide. You searches should within these categories -  flowers, graffiti and doors.

3. How to bookmark interesting pictures on Internet and post to Flickr

There are several interesting photos that you come across in webpages, which you would like to post to Flickr.  Get the Flickr Uploadradd-on for Firefox. Next time you come across an interesting photo just right click on the photo and select upload to Flickr.

4. How to show Flickr pictures on your desktop background

To do this you would require a lightweight program Switcher that changes the desktop background at periodic intervals taking pictures from Flickr. Select the pictures by user, tags, or just plain random so that you are kept guessing for the next wallpaper. Alternately you can use Fleace.

5. How to avoid pagination in Flickr

At time you wanna check out a new photographer’s photos randomly or rapidly browse someone’s photo stream. There’s a simple hack called Flickrleech. It allows you to pull up 200 Flickr user’s photos as a full page of thumbnails with no pagination. Browsing 200 Flickr user’s photos at a time is is great.

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