Financial Help for Poor Students from NGO

If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial
background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation).

The NGO is conducting a written test and those whoclear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.

Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form


44th cross,1st ‘A’ main road,jayanagar 7th block Bangalore
Mob no- 9900906338(saraswat i)
Mr.Shivkumar( 9986630301) – Hanumanthnagar office
Ms.Bindu(9964534667 )-Yeshwantpur office

26 Replies to “Financial Help for Poor Students from NGO”

  1. one of my nephew who scored 82% in SSC and just now passed HSSC with 68.5% needs help as his father has lost everty thing in business & also not due to health problem not in postion to do any other work for earnings. The family is dependent on pension of my mother. I also have a son of same age as of my nephew and my income is limited so that I can take responsibility of my son only. My nephew have appeared for CET. If some trust help him for eduaction then we can thing about admitting him for some professional course.

  2. sir,
    i have just completed my bachelor of technology in electrical engineering with avarage grade point of 7.14(71.4%) in 2010.i want to do M.TECH. i belong from a poor family and my family cant bear the tution fees of Rs. 200000(two lakhs).if your organization help me then i can take my admission in the session 2011.i can provide all the necessary details which you want.please reply me.thank you.

  3. Respected Sir/Ma’m ,
    We are working in the rural area of Raigad District, Maharashtra , India for the upliftment of the financially backward students who are already from families below poverty line. hence we are looking for the financial help for the said reason.

  4. i aleady completed my first degree in 2009 in economics and i want to continue ma education in masters program but since i am from a poor family and country i can’t do so by my own so please please give me some financial assistance and let me continue ma education in 2011
    and i am looking forward your reply
    thanks alot

  5. my name is eram and i am a student of BSC 4th year i need your financial help to continues my studies because we are seven brothers and sisters all are studying and my father age is 70 years and he is unable to work please help me i lived in punjab the province of Pakistan

  6. hello sir/madam . my name’s sam on . i live in Cambodia . i am poor student because my family poor too, so they can’t support my study .i real love studying so much .please help me

  7. i am ristia, i need financial help to finish my study at sanata dharma yogyakarta since i have to earn money by myself, please help me, i would prefer work everywhere after graduated..thank you..

  8. I’m a palestinian student> I really need financial help>
    my dream is to have MA degree in English at any foriegn country>
    I’m looking forward to having your reply
    Thank you
    my e-mail:

  9. sir i have passed mtric and want to start acca in pakistan i dont have my fees my father is old and he dont do any work so please help me becoze i want to get education so plz help me sirr i am very thankful o u

  10. my name is khadim from kargil boarder of GILGIT BALTISTAN.I have passed my fsc from KIU GILGIT with 60% marks.due to financial problem i can not continue my education.please help me my contact is 03325482293

  11. My name is Safia. I have complete ( bachelor.
    I want to continue study in MBA but I cannot pay fee. I am from a poor family. My father cannot any work because he is a heart patient. My father age is 65 years and he is unable to work. So please give me financial help and let me continue my education in 2011. I lived in Punjab the province of Pakistan.

    Greetings from Peter Paul Sahayaraj,Who has been working in st. joseph’s, muthupettai, ramnad dt, tamilnadu,india AS A PHYSICS TEACHER.. our school is growing day by day. Now nearly 3500 students are studying.nearly 2500 are fisher men folks. they live in a remote villages and small hamlets.our ramnad dt is a backward and financially so weak and poor and downtrodden .many are illiterate. our school helps them a lot in educational upliftment.they are not able to help for all students both hostel and school fees. my management is getting a less support from tamilnadu we expect help from your good self.

    This year Xthstudents scored good marks. More than 100 students scored above 90./. marks. They are so poor and some are fatherless and motherless and some are orphans.
    They want to study higher classes (XIth and above). But need financial help.
    A proverb says, “One Who Shows Mercy to poor (for education), lends money to even God”. So I beg you to help them So I welcome you to help for our school poor students. MAY GOD BLESS YOU & PROVIDE DOUBLE PORTION OF YOUR HEALTH AND WEALTH.
    My loving heart wishes.
    Yours lovingly,
    Peter Paul Sahayaraj

  13. Respected Sir.
    My name is Irfanullah.i just pass my Fsc.exam with 69% of marks in 2010.
    and i got addmision in Pakistan instiuite of comuinty of Opthalamology peshawar.the subject is BSc(hons) in vision science.
    and i fay for one year.but recently my father job will be finished .and there is no other way of i request you to help in financialy in my education.for my and my entire family future will be secure.
    your poor son

  14. Respected Sir / Madam,

    My name is CHAITANYA KUMAR, S/o. RAVIKUMAR. Before 2 to 3 moths I search about “any one given for education finance support for me. At the same, I saw your website. But in your website given “If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard, and scored more than 80%.This is your website summery. But I am studying presently 10th class. (2011-12 Batch). Actually my mother and father also private employees in Hyderabad. We have no properties and no savings accounts in bank accounts also. My Father & Mother total salaries is (Father P.M. Rs.9000/- & Mother P.M. Rs.4000/-) Rs.13000/- per month. 6 months back my mother is highly struggled health problem (I had no idea about that health problem). Immediately my mother is resigned her services, take rest at home. We are loosing Rs.4000/- per month. Regarding this my parents is not cleared my fee dues up to tell date. Already you also knowing about this, that is 10th class Board Examinations is on 24th March – 2011 SSC Board has declared. That’s way…, in this month ending atlest next month first week, not paid dues.., principal is not permit to attend the classes. I am very tense about this sir.

    I read your rules and regulations in your website, but I am requesting you please give me finance support for me sir, because this year is my life turning point. That’s way I am asking you, yours help.

    If you have not permitted (means for against of organization rules), my father told your amount is returned (pay cash every month Rs. xxx/- sum of rupees) monthly EMI .We are given bond paper.., with my mother, father and my self also given signature to that bond paper.

    Please sir, you do this favor for me sir, it’s not only my education problem sir, (my life problem) my life turning point also sir. Please think about my problem again…., and again…, please u don’t tell sorry sir.

    I am waiting for your favorable reply sir. Only you are the GOD for me at this situation. Please save me…, & please solve me….,

    I am very sorry about disturbing you.

    Thanking you sir/madam.


    MY FOTHER’S MOBILE NO: 8143146236

    with most regard i want to tell u that i am Rupesh bharti, S/O-late Braj kishor prasad singh,vill.+post gangsara ,via.-p.halai, samastipur (bihar),
    i am studying in govt. engg. college bikaner 3rd year with (computer sc. engg.). I am a poor student, my father has gone to haven before 4 year . now my mom is my gardian(housewife).
    so no any earning mamber in my family . i have already sold all the land therefor up to 3rd yr i got study. now i have nothing and if this situation continued i have to leave plz help me for continue my study. I want to complete my degree , so please help me. my contact no. 09928045182

  16. I have just complited my diploma and advanced diploma in human resources at the institute of bussiness studies and administration freetown sierra leone,unfortunately i lost my dad so am appeling for help please.

  17. i want to be a human resource manager,but my problem is the finances.please help me and i have just complited my diploma and advanced diploma in human resources management at the institute of bussiness study and administration thanks.

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