Dual Window in Google Chrome


Browsing around when I came across this trick in which you can open two windows at the same time in a single tab just like two pages of a book. I find it pretty useful and thought of sharing it with my readers.

Chromeplugins.org has developed an amazing javascript plugin which enable Google Chrome users to view two tabs side by side, just like two pages of an open book.

How to enable dual view in Google Chrome

Step #1 Enable Bookmarks bar in Google Chrome. Press Ctrl + B or Select Tool > Always show Bookmarks bar.


Step #2 Drag and drop the following link on the bookmarks bar.
Dual view


Step #3 Click on the button on the bar whenever you wish to enable dual view.
Step #4 Enter the names of two sites you want to opened side by side. Make sure you enter in the format http://www.domainname.com or else it won’t work.


Step #5 Thats it. Enjoy!

How do you find this hack? Do tell us in the comments.

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