Double check Email in Gmail

At time we may go wrong while composing and sending mails. Sitting on furious couch may lead to end where we send mails to our boss instead girl friends 😛 . Probably over the weekends wehre you believe your emails needs to be double checked before it is sent . Google gadget offers this service for you . Where you can setup your days and time which you can set it up to double check the mail you send.
Google strives to make the world’s information useful. Mail you send late night on the weekends may be useful but you may regret it the next morning. Solve some simple math problems and you’re good to go. Otherwise, get a good night’s sleep and try again in the morning. After enabling this feature, you can adjust the schedule in the “General” settings page.
To enable this feature. Go to Settings of your gmail–> Labs–>And enable Mail Googles .
Enabling mail googles will bring up the settings for that in General Tab. Configure it and checkitout…
Select the days and times when you’re likely to need Gmail to step in and double check that you want to send that email.

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