Demonoid Invitation

Hi Folks,

I see lot of people here and there are looking forward for a demonoid invitations…

please put up ur email id together with the need of ur invitation.. based on ur need i ll send you an invite 🙂


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  1. Jai, you are one hell of a guy. Thanks so much for hooking me up! You rock! I hope your 2010 turns out awesome! You’ve made me one happy person, I hope you receive it back tenfold!

  2. Greetings, Considering the multiple comments above you probably know what I’m about to ask for! Do you have a demonoid invite you could spare? I would gladly accept one. But I feel kinda petty asking for something and not giving anything in return; I don’t know if my services would be of use to you, I’m a graphic designer; Maybe we can do a little trade? I would be happy to put in some hours designing for you in return.

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