Crack Installed Applications on ur iphone

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Games and applications purchased via theiTunes Store are protected with DRM and can only be used on a single device they were purchased for, but not anymore as Crackulous the one-click iPhone application cracker is here, the free application allows users to crack the protection and use application/games purchased via the iTunes Store on as many devices as you like, once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can crack any game or application that you purchased via iTunes Store using a simple to use GUI, once cracked the decrypted .IPA files will get saved at /var/mobile/media/DecryptedIPAs/, from where it can be downloaded via SSH and shared with your friends or community.

To install Crackulous use the simple instructions as follows :

  1. Launch Cydia, Click the Manage Tab.
  2. Now click the Sources option.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Now click the Add button
  5. Add Hackulous Cydia Repository URL :
  6. Click Add Source.
  7. Hackulous source should now be visible.
  8. Click and you will be presented with a list having Crackulous as an install option.
  9. Click Crackulous and then click Install to start the installation.
  10. Once installed simply launch the Crackulous, select the applications you want cracked and use the Crack option to begin the automated application cracking process.

Thats it you re done… 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve used spirt to jailbreak iphone 3gs v.3.1.3 the second time and now
    I’m facing error message while trying to add the sources as indicated

    error message: Refershing data “the method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/Http could not be found.
    i’ve tried a numrous times but yet i’m still facing the same error messages.

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