Control Mac through IPhone

Telekinesis enables remote access to your Mac from your iPhones.  Among the things it can do are screen capturing, Home directory browsing and even running AppleScripts.  This is currently on its infancy stage, so, expect for some glitches.  But if your operating system is not Mac, you’ll need the TightVNC that comes with fully functional zooming and panning features.


  • Stream music and videos from your computer learn how
  • Screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support
  • Simple iTunes Remote control
  • Browse your files
  • Run applescript remotely
  • iSight image capture
  • Basic Spotlight search
  • Easily create and add more apps

Security Considerations

  • This is still a developer prototype and is intended only as a demo to get people started.
  • It will have the same access privileges as your user account
  • The login and password you specify will be stored on disk, so should be different, but as strong as your account password.
  • Don’t leave it running if you aren’t using it


  • Run iPhone Remote (Requires OS X 10.4)
  • Choose a web login/password
  • Open to https://<YOUR COMPUTER IP HERE>:5010 from your iPhone
    • If you want to access your computer from outside of your local network, you may need to configure your router or firewall to support it.


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