Download The Full Adobe CS2 SUITE for FREE!

Here are the direct links and serial#s to the adobe downloads!   Creative Suite 2 Mac CS2_install_Mac.pdf 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759 CS_20_IE_NonRet_D1.dmg.bin CS_20_IE_NonRet_D2.dmg.bin CS_20_IE_NonRet_D3.dmg.bin VCS2.dmg CS_2.0_IE_Extras_1.dmg.bin Win CS2_install_Win.pdf 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551 CreativeSuiteCS2Disc1.exe CreativeSuiteCS2Disc2.exe CreativeSuiteCS2Disc3.exe CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_1.exe Acrobat 3D 1.0 for Windows Win 1159-1414-7569-3493-5006-5653 Acrobat Standard 7.0 Mac 12001748.dmg 1016-0414-2428-7157-5404-6669 Win 22001904.exe 1016-1415-6379-6184-1333-2468 Acrobat Pro 8.0 Mac APRO8_Mac_WEB_WWEFG.dmg 1118-0416-1130-3724-2927-7040 Win […]

Workaround to install Google Unified search in Samsung galaxy s3

I was totally frustated with the Apple over Samsung galaxy s3 on removing the samsung galaxy s3. I quickly figured out a way to get it back even after installing the update. without even rooting the phone. GoogleQuickSearchBox extract this file and you will find an googlequicksearchbox.apk file. send it as an attachment to your email […]

Adobe Special Offers – Free download of Photoshop CS6 Beta

Product Description Adobe is offering special promotional savings on many of their best selling products.  Many of these deals are limited time only (some are as brief as 24-hours).Right now you can get a free download of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta for Windows or Mac, featuring content-aware patches, redesigned tools, and more.  See here for this deal.  Requires a free […]

Auto-Post Your Blog to Social Networks at Once

If your a WordPress user,  I have found a very handy plug-in that seamlessly links your blog with If you are not familiar with, it’s a free service that allows you to connect all of your social networks together, so that when you post one update (via, it is automatically posted to all social networking […]

Control Windows Media Player from Iphone

I recently stumbled across this free app, available on the App Store, which is designed to work as a remote control for Windows Media Center on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The app works over wi-fi, so you’ll need a wi-fi connection for it to work. You’ll also need to download the Mediamote server from here and install […]

Tamil classic Literature Books – PDF Download

UlagaNathar Ulaga Nithi Thiruvalluvar Thirukkural Bharathiar Padal Part 1 Bharathiar Padal Part 2  Bharathiar Padal Part3 Bharathiar Kuyil Pattu Bharathiar Kannan Pattu Avvaiyar Nalvazi Avvaiyar Muthurai Download Avvaiyar Kondrei Ventan Download Avvaiyar Atticudi Download Kannadasan Abirami Anthathi Download Bharathiar Panchali Sapatham Download