Basic Understanding to identify type of RAM

Computer RAM is the best known form of your computer uses to temporarily store and access data. From the time you turn on your computer, your CPU is constantly using memory (RAM). Every time something is opened or loaded, it gets placed into RAM. This means it is put into a temporary storage area so the CPU can more easily access the information. From there it becomes a continuous cycle where the CPU requests data from

RAM, processes it and then writes new data back to RAM. In most computers, this transfer of data between CPU and RAM happens millions of times every second. When an application is closed, the application itself, along with all its accompanying files is deleted from ram. This is to make sure there is room for new data, so unless the changed files are saved to a permanent storage device, they will be lost.

Types of Computer RAM

RAM Type: Pins: Usage:
SDRAM 168 Typically only used in older and slower computers.
RDRAM 184 Only used in certain Pentium 4’s with certain Intel chipsets.
DDR 184 Faster version of SD RAM used in Pentium 4’s and Athlon
DDR2 240 Newer version of DDR RAM with higher clock frequencies
DDR3 240 Newer version of DDR2 with higher clock frequencies

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