Auto-Post Your Blog to Social Networks at Once

If your a WordPress user,  I have found a very handy plug-in that seamlessly links your blog with If you are not familiar with, it’s a free service that allows you to connect all of your social networks together, so that when you post one update (via, it is automatically posted to all social networking profiles that you have added to your account. I used to use it a few months back, but abandoned it because I got tired of manually typing in status updates every time a new blog post went up. Now that I found this plug-in, however, I am hooked once again!

To get this working, you need to first download from the WordPress plug-in directory. You can download the plug-in here. Unzip the file, copy and paste the “wpingfm” folder into your “/wp-content/plugins/” folder, and activate the plug-in in your WordPress admin area.




On the plug-in’s settings page in your WordPress admin area, you can customize the mass update to include whatever you want (links are automatically inserted at the end of posts, FYI…and they are automatically converted to shortlinks, which is nice too!).

Next, you need to create an account with Head over to, and set up your account for free. It takes no more than 10 seconds.

After signing up and logging in, you should be automatically directed to a page where you can add various social networks. Start adding the ones that you wish to update with your new blog post announcements. The process is tedious, but really intuitive and easy and only has to be done once. As Brian Hazard likes to say, “set it and forget it.”

After you’ve connected all your social networks, you need to retrieve your API key from so your blog can interact with to let it know when to send out your mass updates.

Click here to get your API key (you must be logged in).

Copy and paste your API key into the respective field on the settings page of the plug-in, located under the “Settings” tab in your WordPress admin area.


wpingfm api key

Save your API key, then choose what kinds of posts you’d like to update, and save those changes as well.

And you’re done! That was easy, wasn’t it?

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