Know if Somebody Accessed/Accesing your Facebook Account

If you are concerned about your Facebook Privacy and Security, you have to know that the Facebook team has rolled out a lot of features. In fact, thanks to a little trick you will be able to know if somebody accessed and successfully logged to your Facebook account and personal page. This further security “countermeasure” […]

Open Multiple Google Search Results on the Same Window or Page

One of the most annoying things when it comes to opening multiple search results on Google is that you have to open multiple windows or tabs in order to have the main Google search available. In fact, after a Google Search, if you click on a search result you will loose your previous search as […]

Easy Windows Shortcuts – Making windows easier :)

You may be wondering what an “environment variable” is. You’ve probably seen them—they are those expressions wrapped in percent signs that you sometimes see in file paths. They are shorthand expressions that stand for certain standard system properties. Some of these system properties are used frequently in filename paths and scripts. Having a short version […]

Learn how to program on Android

Tomorrow, February 1st, the Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, will be announcing six new training courses dedicated to the development of Linux-based mobile operating systems Android and MeeGo. What with Android seeing 2,000 percent growth in tablets according to Strategy Analytics, there’s a lot of Android programming work […]