How Gmail’s Drag and Drop of Attachment From Desktop Works

Recently Gmail pushed out an update that allowed users to drag and drop files from desktop to Gmail and have them automatically uploaded. Being the web geek I am I had to figure out how it functioned. Firefox was easy and I have covered drag and drop uploading already. They also mentioned in their post that […]

Foreign words commonly used in English

1.      vice versa- Latin–The other way around 2.      vis-à-vis – French — side by side 3.      faux pas – French — a social blunder / false step 4.      verboten – German — forbidden 5.      alma mater – Latin — school graduated from 6.      amateur- French– not professional 7.      eureka- Greek — Found it 8.      graffiti- Italian — wall lettering 9.      Status quo -Latin–the way […]

Google Tie with Tata Communications

oogle and Tata Communications are collaborating to offer a portfolio of business tools powered by Google Apps for enterprises in India. Together, we are bringing value-added applications to Indian businesses while offering localised pricing, billing and support. Highlights of the Tata Communications solution powered by Google Apps include: Email – With 25GB of storage Calendar […]