How to Call Yahoo or Windows Messenger From Google Talk

Yahoo! Messenger and MSN (Windows Live) Messenger users can chat with each other easily without changing clients. Similarly, Google is working with AOL to allow users of Google Talk connect with their AIM buddies. (Skype?) Now consider a completely different scenario – how do Google Talk users talk to their friends who are using Windows […]

How to protect PC from KeyLoggers

KeyScrambler Personal, a web browser plugin, encrypts your keystrokes to protect your important information from keyloggers. How Keyloggers Work When you type on your keyboard, the keys travel along a path within the operating system before it arrives at your browser. Keyloggers plant themselves along this path and observe and record your keystrokes. The collected […]

How to configure/update exchange in iphone OS 4(iOS4)

Immediately after updating to iOS 4, some users may notice that Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts, or Calendars do not sync, or sync very slowly. In addition, some Exchange Server administrators may notice their servers running slowly. To work around this issue, users should install a configuration profile from Apple that increases the amount of time […]