Michael Jackson – Discography Downloads

Got to Be There Released     September 13, 1971 1. “Ain’t No Sunshine” 2. “I Wanna Be Where You Are” 3. “Girl Don’t Take Your Love From Me” 4. “In Our Small Way” 5. “Got to Be There” 6. “Rockin’ Robin” 7. “Wings of My Love” 8. “Maria (You Were the Only One)” 9. “Love Is […]

Michael Jackson – 25 Years Thriller (25th Anniversary)

Michael Jackson Songs Download 01. Wanna Be Startin\’ Somethin\’ 02. Baby Be Mine 03. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) 04. Thriller 05. Beat It 06. Billie Jean 07. Human Nature 08. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 09. The Lady In My Life 10. Someone In The Dark 11. Carousel 12. Billie Jean (1981 Home […]

Whats New in Android 2.0 ?

Eclair(Android)  features include: The most important new feature in Android 2.0 is support for multi-touch devices. Up to 3 fingers can be tracked on the screen at a time. Among other things, this allows for faster typing on the virtual keyboard and multi-touch gestures for zooming and scrolling. Android 2.0 has a single, secure interface […]

Microsoft adds free root certificate authority to Windows

A couple of weeks ago some very interesting Windows news flew by under the radars that I think deserves much more credit than it received, considering how much we rely on the web and the impact this has on making it safer. In the September 2009 update to the Windows Root Certificate Program, Microsoft has added to […]

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Planning 128-Bit Version Of Windows 8 Windows 7is not even out the door yet and rumors are already circulating about the next version of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8. According to Microsoft employee Robert Morgan, future iterations of Windows, including Windows 8, could support a 128-bit architecture. Two weeks ago his now defunct LinkedIn profile disclosed that […]