Gmail Hidden Emotions – Smileys

monkey =  :( |) mustache = :{ Pig = :( 🙂 wierd shape mouth (kiss) = :* or  devil = }:-) rock out = \m/ wince = >.< cowbell = +/’\ biting Vs = V.v.V broken heart = </3   Yet some more are like these  ~@~  [:|] Also Bold and Italics are: Bold text = *then text* italicised = _then text_ Just found one more […]

Tag Clouds for Twitter

Kiev (Ukraine) – New York – INTSPEI announced the release of the second beta version of Search Cloudlet – an easy-to-use Firefox extension that adds context-sensitive tag clouds to the most popular search engines and helps peoplenavigate through their search results more efficiently. The previous version of Search Cloudlet worked with Google and Yahoo; the […]

Tamil Google

News from G: The global nature of our mission is reflected in the phrases the “world’s information” and “universally accessible.” To this end, you may have recently read about our 40-language initiative and the story of a community coming together to develop Google search in the Maori language. Following on this theme, we’d like to highlight a few new products that enable […]

Google Voice

 (GOOG: News), Thursday announced that it will release the preview of Google Voice, an application intended to provide better management services for mobile phones. The new application will be available for existing users of GrandCentral, a service Google acquired in July, 2007. Mountain View, California-based Google said in its official blog that the new application would […]

OpenStudio Plugin for Google Sketchup

The OpenStudio plugin is a geometry editor for EnergyPlus, the Whole Building Energy Simulation Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. This free, open source plugin (currently only available for Windows) enables Google SketchUp users to create building geometry from scratch, open and edit existing EnergyPlus input files, or run EnergyPlus and view the results, […]

Windows XP run commands collection

  Run command increases you productivity and saves lot of time as you don’t require to access start menu to launch any application or system utility. There are several system utility which can be easily started from run command eather than locating and double clicking on executable in windows or system32 folder. Even after using Windows XP for […]