Free online storage from Microsoft

  The new Windows Live suite includes three different services for file storage and online synchronization. They are called Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync and Windows Live SkyDrive – all apps are available for free and you just need a Windows Live account to get started. Windows Live SkyDrive Windows Live SkyDrive is an online file storage service similar to You can […]

Sony Ericsson Certification

Are you addicted to success? Does your name spell creativity? If your answer is ”yes”, then Sony Ericsson Developer World India gives you the opportunity to steal the show. Sony Ericsson Developer World India offers you a chance to be recognized by submitting mobile content and ideas . Exclusive to mobile developers in India, the […]

Nokia 6700 classic, Nokia 6303 classic and Nokia 2700 classic

Nokia bring another set of cool phones with its new and exciting offer  of Nokia 6700 classic, the Nokia 6303 classic and the Nokia 2700 classic. All three mobile phones are build on the formula that made Nokia the world leader in mobile phones. Nokia 6700 classic     Nokia 6700 classic, is designed with premium materials  combing smooth surfaces, […]

Free desktop language translator

A desktop language translator application using the Google translation service. It adds more features to the existing service and addresses some of its shortcomings. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.   Quick guide for using this free multi language translator: Open a text document or paste some text here, select the “To” and “From” languages, click on […]

Test Automation FX – UI tests in Visual Studio

  Test Automation FX (TAFX for short) enables developers and testers to record and manage user interface tests from inside Visual Studio with 100% .Net code. Used from inside Visual Studio The Test Automation FX framework installs inside of Visual Studio (2005 & 2008) and supports full VS integration, with custom project templates and designers allowing you […]

Clone Detective for Visual Studio

  Clone Detective is a Visual Studio integration that allows you to analyze C# projects for source code that is duplicated somewhere else (AKA clone detection). Having duplicates can easily lead to inconsistencies and often is an indicator for poorly factored code. For more details please see the 10 minute video tutorial. and the download is […]

Animation in ASP.Net (RIAnimation )

Key Features for RIAnimation v1 Built on top of jQuery UI Effects engine Cool new animations (Explode, Implode, Pulsate, etc) Powerful JavaScript builder utilities for custom animations Incredible design-time suport with SmartTags Supports ASP.NET AJAX Complete Reference documentation   All of the animations are built from jQuery UI Effects and are powered by a custom ASP.NET class library […]